About the festival
For the period from May 6th to 14th, 2017, during the Eurovision Song Contest, the International balloon festival “Montgolfier. The Sky of Kyiv” takes place. We want to decorate the Sky of the Ukrainian capital with balloons from all European countries, demonstrating the openness, hospitality and friendliness of our nations. Use the unique opportunity to purchase a balloon flight in the festival “Montgolfier. The Sky of Kyiv”!
  • Ability to fly
    Participants of the festival will experience unforgettable flight over Kyiv.
  • Balloon show
    The viewers of the festival will see up to 50 real balloons and take flawless pictures.
  • Evening show
    All visitors will be able to enjoy an evening glow of bright balloons.
Make dreams come true!
Make the best present to someone, you love – become the participant of the festival and purchase a balloon flight with the best pilots of Europe.
The cost of the flight
7500 UAH (250 euro)
for 1 person
Why does it worth to become a participant of the festival?
  • To view Kyiv from the sky
    You’ll have a trip above fascinating landscapes of the Ukrainian capital and see the city from the aerial view.
  • Take incredible photos
    You can take impressive photos on the background of huge balloons.
  • Make a gift - give the impression of a lifetime
    Have a balloon trip over Kyiv with a sweetheart and create unforgettable moments.
  • Contribution to the development of aeronautics
    Each participant will receive a personalized certificate of contribution to the development of aeronautics in Ukraine.
Sergey Skalko
The author of the project
We are sincerely believe to see You among the participants of the festival. We are sure, that our cooperation will become a kind tradition, and the festival.
  • When and where does the festival take place?
    The festival takes place on 6-14 May 2017 in Kyiv. Scheduled flights starts from the Island Trukhaniv (Podil-Voskresensky bridge), Friendship Park and Hydro park (island Dolobetsky). We schedule hot air balloon rides on every festivals' mornings (6:00 - 8:00 am) and evenings (18:00 - 20:00).
  • How to make a flight during the festival?
    To make the balloon flight during the festival, You have to purchase a flight, leaving an application on this website or contact us by phone 0675003045. The cost of the flight is 7500 UAH (250 euro) for one person.
  • How do the flights occur?
    You have the ability to fly in the morning and evening if speed of wind is under 4 m / sec and a lack of precipitation. In the balloon's basket can be up to 2-4 members and a pilot.
  • Who organizes the International Balloon Festival "Montgolfier. The sky of Kyiv»?
    The organizer of the festival - Aeronautic Company "Montgolfier" with the technical support of the Kiev aeronautic company’s School of balloon pilots.
Places are limited